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Phytochem Products Inc., a startup venture based on Tohoku University research, realize a recycling future society.

January 30, 2020
Looking for sample monitors of high purity Tocotrienols and Tocopherols from rice bran!
November 26, 2019
Received The 77 New Business Grants from 77 Business Support Foundation
September 14, 2019
"AGRI-TECH GP" Received The Kobashi Industries Award
September 9, 2019
100 million Yen raised.
February 28, 2019
BIP Meets Business presentation.
February 26, 2019
NEDO Pitch presentation.
November 23, 2018
Article in Nikkei Shimbun.
October 19, 2018
Selected as “business and job creation in tsunami and nuclear disaster affected areas.”
July 17, 2018
Selected as a recipient of the 2018 assistance for “business and job creation.”
June 14, 2018
Phytochem Products Inc. established.

Biomass resources such as plants contain various highly functional materials that help people's lives and promote health. The current technology for extracting these materials has limitations: requiring large volumes of solvent (such as methanol); being inefficient; and being difficult to scale. This is reflected in the high price of natural biomass derived materials, and fossil fuel derived materials have become an inexpensive substitute.

We now provide a safer, natural and environmentally sustainable alternative. We developed a new technology to efficiently extract highly functional materials from biomass that would become waste. Our technology goal is to provide an environmentally sustainable solution that is scalable for mass production. Our business goal is to contribute to the new regional economy through collaboration between agriculture and industry.

Company NamePhytochem Prooducts Inc.
Tohoku University Cooperative Business Incubator T-Biz 103
6-6-40 Aza-Aoba Aramaki Aoba-ku Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture
EstablishedJune 14, 2018
BusinessManufacture and sale of plant-derived functional food ingredients, cosmetic raw materials, and pharmaceutical ingredients.
Manufacture and sale of various fatty acid esters.
Design, manufacture and sale of the above manufacturing equipment.
Capital70,550,000 yen
DirectorsCEO: Makiko Kato
CTO: Naomi Kitakawa (Professor at Tohoku University)
CPO: Tomokatsu Oyanagi
CFO: Yoshitomo Hata
Outside director: Hiroki Furuya
Auditor: Yasuo Suzuki (Professor at Tohoku Fukushi University)

The Ion Exchange Resin Method

Flow type reaction separation system from Tohoku University

Ion exchange resins have been used as a separation medium in water.

Our ion exchange resin method is a revolutionary flow-type reaction separation technology that was the first to apply ion exchange resins as a catalyst in bio-mass derived oil separation. We use a solid catalyst, so various materials can be extracted from bio-mass derived oil, simply by exchanging the catalyst columns. We start with agricultural bio-mass waste products as the raw materials, process it through our ion exchange resin technology, to create commercial products that we consume in our daily lives, such as foods, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and fuels.

▼ Vitamin E

・Kome toko rich®(rice tocotrienol oil)

Feature: Safe and secure because of use of plant-derived solvent (ethanol)

Function: high antioxidant capacity, maintains youth of cells and brain, helps hair growth

Utilization: Safe for consumption, such as base material for soft capsules

product nameVitamin E contentPropertiescapacity
Kome Tokorich® 3RTotal tocotrienol > 1%
Total tocopherols > 3%
Liquid (oil)1kg, 5kg, 10kg
Kome Tokorich® 30RTotal tocotrienol > 10%
Total tocopherols > 30%
Liquid (oil)1kg

・ High purity Tocotrienol products

・ High purity Tocopherol products

Feature: High purity products derived from rice

Use: For research and development

Please contact us for purity, price etc.

▼ Manufacture on Assignment of fatty acid ester

Fatty acid can also be used as raw material

Methyl and ethyl ester are manufacturable

Please contact us for details.

6-6-40 Aza-Aoba Aramaki Aoba-ku Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture 980-0845

Tohoku University Cooperative Business Incubator T-Biz Room 103

Tel&Fax 022-226-8818


Public transportation from Sendai Station

Take the Tozai Subway Line heading toward “Yagiyama Animal Park” Get off at “Aobayama” Station (approx. a 9 minute ride)

Take "South 1 exit" (Approx. a 2 minute walk to our office)

※There is no bus service available from Sendai Station

Taxi from Sendai Station

The destination is "Tohoku University Research Center for Future Science and Technology". (Approx. 15 minute drive)